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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thor Will Hammer Out A Wall St Bottom

Thor >>> Son Of Odin God Of Thunder

I am the God Thor
I am the War God;
The Thunderer!
Here in my Northland,
My fastness, my fortress,
Reign I forever!
Here amid the heavens,
Rule I the nations!
This is my Hammer;
Mjolnir the Mighty!
I come in my Chariot of fire,
Rolling in the thunder
The blows of my Hammer;
Ring in the earthquakes!
Giants and socerers
Cannot withstand mighty Mjolnir;
Vanquish thy fear,
For Thor is here!

Viking Mythology
"Thor took the hammer up and swung it around his head. As he did so he uttered a great cry. And the eyes of the Dwellers in Asgard lightened up when they saw Thor with the hammer Mjolnir in his hands: their eyes lightened up and from their lips came the cry: 'This is a wonder, a wonder indeed! With this hammer in his hand none can withstand Thor, our Champion. No greater thing has ever come into Asgard than the hammer Mjolnir."

Thor’s best known tool is his mighty war hammer, Mjolnir. Mjolnir is the weapon wielded by Thor to protect Asgard and Wall Street (hahaha!). In Thor’s hands, Mjolnir IS the lightning and thunder that gives the bears nightmares. Thor is the mightiest of all the Gods, his might is further enhanced by his girdle of strength, Megingjard. Thor gets around the 9 worlds either walking, or in his chariot pulled by his two goats, Tanngniostr and Tanngrisnr.

Watchout Wall St Bears
Thor's Hammer already appear in the chart
You horny bears will feel the Power of Mjolnir tonight
(hahaha! ZL loves folklore)

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