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Sunday, January 24, 2010


longpinezi's comment was posted under this article >>>>>

And before ZL call his pathetic BLUFF let's read his "CLAIMS" but pay attention to specific dates of his comments & frivolous claims. hehehehehe

This is MORON lonpinezi's comment in his own words as published below .......


[ZL's Bursa Themes] New comment on TECHNICAL ANALYSIS >>> 综合指数 2010年 01月 22日 / Compos....
Sunday, January 24, 2010 2:33 AM
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longpinezi has left a new comment on your post "TECHNICAL ANALYSIS >>> 综合指数 2010年 01月 22日 / Compos...":

Ha ha ha seems like the other TA loser ZL also followed my sifu pick of alam , proof here >http://samgang.blogspot.com/2009/04/v-nothing-is-impossible-in-life-v.html

Please look at the date of posting , dated 6 April , 5 days earlier than ZL, ha ha anything to say TA loser mike , TA loser ZL ?

ka ka ka ha ha ZL also followed sifu 's pick ? what a joke ha ha ha ...want me to dig out more evidence ?

pls refer to March posting of alam under comments, want me to show u more ? ka ka ka

TA is absolutely useless ! proven by my sifu sam ha ha ha

Mike, let hv fun now , i wanna to make fun on u ka ka ka ..you two are damn cute !

yah TA loser mike n zl dont forget to bring more people to yr blog , shoot sam down , so people will know how good is my sifu ka ka ka do it now ka ka ka

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Posted by longpinezi to ZL's Bursa Themes at January 24, 2010 10:33 AM

As ZL said in reply to this MORON longpinezi before >>> ZL is certain Samgoss do not endorse or encourage his supporters to do such acts. If wanna "tipu orang" then, for goodness sake, send someone with some brains.

This MORON longpinezi doesn't have any inside that numbskull of his otherwise why would an idiot act so stupidly WITHOUT checking the respective stock prices and the respective dates in the RHB Stock portfolio? Or maybe RHB Invest is as screwed up as this MORON longpinezi? HAHAHAHAHA
Hello bodoh MORON longpinezi >>> You really think you can CON traders using altered dates for claims ZL followed your sifu's 5115 ALAM call? U think we sell Yaw Char Kwai in Si Chong Khai or what? The set of 5 stock names & prices BOCOR you HAHAHAHAHA
Pathetic bastard troublemaker this MORON longpinezi .....

My answer is plain & simple >>> Just click on the image below >>> ENLARGE & read my reply in RED >>>

A picture paints a thousand words.You think BT & readers alike have nothing else to do than copy your stupid & pathetic act WITHOUT checking dates & prices?

We have no gaduh with Samgoss but you are obviously trying to start a fire. After my "bohong exposure" you are not so cool afterall.

Go get a life MORON lonpinezi

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