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Friday, January 29, 2010

FA WINNERS OR FA LIARS? Picture perfect proof 4u

First thing first ZL have no "gaduh" before with this so-called FA braggart known as longpinezi (@ longpenis to me). But read what that moron posted and commented in this article as linked below >>> ZL's reply is also in there.


After ZL replied and called his bluff , ZL also sent an email to the owner of the captured image RHB Invest portfolio belonging to one Lim Thow Teik @Samgoss, informing his portfolio had been mischeviously used to redicule one of my regular visitor.

How the situation came to head is none of my business but when push came to shove then, as this blog owner, ZL needs to clarify and verify some facts.

Email was sent to courteously inform Samgoss his RHB Invest portfolio had been abused NOT to finger point HIM or his supporters who did this. ZL also mentioned specifically that MORON LONGPENIS could also be a 3rd party blogger out to exploit certain issues which ZL do not wishes to dwell on and on and on and on .........

TRUTH or LIES >>> any trader with a PC or laptop can judge for themselves in under 15 minutes does all 5 mentioned stocks, prices & date tally? No rocket science formulas needed. ZL trust your neutrality......

1. From Moron LONGPENIS via Samgoss RHB Invest Portfolio

2. 5115 Alan price data by ZL

3. 5115 Alam Chart (99 sen level) by ZL

4. 5115 Alam Recommend BUY ON DIP @91.5 sen 11 April 2009

NOTE : This Moron Longpenis made a bragging claim his sifu portfolio was published on 06 April 2009. That makes ZL a tail chaser 5 days later and profitted from his FA sifu posting 06/04/09.

ZL will gladly admit and own up if you look at #3 Alam Chat 99 sen level >>> do you find Alam prices at 99 sen on 06/04/2009? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

While you are still laughing at MORON LONGPENIS and his supreme FA fiasco please check out all 5 stocks captured in this RHB Invest Portfolio TIPU.

Can you (use your own source) find the 5 stocks prices & date as is where is?

A) 5115 Alam ............. 0.990 14 Apr 2009
B) 5125 Pantech ........ 0.665 14 Apr 2009
C) 5657 Parkson ........ 4.540 14 Apr 2009
D) 6742-WB YTLPWR-WB ..... 0.850 14 Apr 2009
E) 2283 Zelan ............ 0.850 14 Apr 2009

CLUE : All the 5 stocks mentioned above have the EXACT valued prices on 05 May 2009 as a complete portfolio in realtime. That so-called FA sifu RHB Invest portfolio is NOT dated 06 April 2009 as publication date. or so claimed. Cheating, lying, deceiving, misleading or manupilating YOU form your own judgement.

The final answer is PORTFOLIO TIPU 06 April 2009.

Prove ZL wrong pls >>> if you can. HAHAHAHA Samgoss or any FA puppies from your kennel

CONCLUSION: Who is this Mr FA aka Moron LONGPENIS trying to CON?

Ini macam punya BOHONG boleh tipu orang ke? Lu betul2 anjing bodoh MORON LONGPENIS >>> FA best? Pordah!!!!!


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