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Friday, January 22, 2010

FBM KLCI Futures Market @12.45pm 22 Jan 2010

FKLI sentiments are just the opposite of terrific >>> TERRIBLE.
Spot month Jan 10 is down 10.5 point after opening at 1296.5. Intraday high 1300 which will be intraday RESISTANCE as well.

Take note of FKLI 60 mins chart posted here >>> The 1289 >>> 1280 No man's land zone. Why ZL called it as such?

Note the candles on 04 Jan 2010 >>> FKLI went up like no resisitance and technically what goes around comes around. If hourly 1292 SUPPORT is violated and FKLI slipped into NO MAN'S LAND then high possibility the opposite may happen.

At lunchbreak FKLI Spot remains 3.44 points DISCOUNT to the underlying cash. FBM KLCI closed at 1297.44 down 10.92 pts or - 0.83%

Recommendations >>> SELL INTO STRENGTH

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