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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Market analysts flips flops >>> After then and now, what's next?

Case in point: Six months ago, the mainstream financial world was lock-step in the March of Dooms as the Dow Jones Industrial Average plumbed the depths of a 12-year low. In their words >>>>>>>>>


"Dow 5,000? A Bearish Possibility." (Wall Street Journal)

"The bear market is tightening its grip. No one is taking a back-seat approach. Everyone is just selling. We're collapsing in on ourselves."(New York Times)

"I don't want to sound like the grim reaper, but it's possible that one of the [major] averages could come down by... another 50% drop from here. This is a slow-drip, slow-death decline." (LA Times)
"It's going to continue its easiest path, and that path it sees is down. That's where we're stuck right now and who's going to get out in front of it?" (AP)


"By all indication, this pattern is back on track... the turn will come on or near March 10, 2009. Anywhere in this time period may mark a turn, which will obviously be a market low."

Once the bullish winds of change had turned, on March 16, one very "quick-to-change" analyst wrote:
"When the market speaks, it behooves us to listen. The implications of this are that the... major stock indexes are in the initial stages of a multi-month advance."

"Wave 2 should carry the Dow as high as 10,000. The rally should regenerate substantial feelings of optimism. Investors will be convinced that the bear market is behind us."

"Be Prepared For This Environment; it will be hard for most investors to resist."

Flash ahead to today >>> From its March 9 low, the Dow soared 30%-plus to a new yearly high. AND, as a recent Wall Street Journal reveals -- the financial in-crowd has undergone a Charles DOW-in like evolution "From Bear to Bull."

Here, the graphic illustration below shows the conversion:

What's next??? Obviously it is an ASS .....


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