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Saturday, December 4, 2010

ZLBT's Weekend Charts 4u

A solid 2nd December week in preparations for year end window dressing
WALL STREET indexes & commodities are on a roll!
Weekly Dow
For the week, the blue chip barometer tacked on an impressive 2.6%, reclaiming its perch atop its 10-week moving average.
Weekly SPX (S&P 500)
For the week, the broad-market index fared the best of its peers, boasting a gain of nearly 3%.

What's more, the tech-rich COMP tagged a new multi-year high of 2,593.67 just before the closing bell, bringing its weekly surplus to 2.2%.

December US Dollar closed down 1.131 at 79.205. This was 0.025 up from the low and 1.155 off the high. For the week, the greenback dropped 1.18 or down 1.47%

January Crude Oil closed up 1.31 at 89.31. This was 2.7 up from the low and 0.14 off the high. Week-on-week black gold gushed higher by 5.55 or an impressive 6.65% before pausing at a 2 year peak. Crude is expected to resume ehre it left off coming Monday.

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