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Thursday, September 30, 2010

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS >>> FBMKLCI 30/09/2010 / 综合指数 2010年09月30日

FBM KLCI 30/09/2010
As indicated by A, the FBM KLCI rose 1.72 points to close at 1463.50 points. Generally, the KLCI is still consolidating with the over head resistance at 1479.59 while the supports are found at 1436 followed by 1424 WinChart Automatic Fibonacci Retracement.

As shown on the chart above, the Bollinger Bands contracted 5%, suggest that the KLCI is indeed consolidating, while also preparing for a new movement. The market direction is likely to be uncertain, until the re-expansion of the Bollinger Bands, then the new direction would be determined by the position of the KLCI above or below the Bollinger Middle Band.
As indicated by B, total market volume increased 16.2%, with volume still above the 40-day VMA level. Generally, the market sentiment as a whole is still on the positive if volume could maintain firmly above the 40-day VMA level.

As indicated by C, the MACD histogram fell below the zero level, suggesting that the MACD line has crossed below the trigger line. This is a signal suggest a weakening movement for the KLCI, and the weakening of the KLCI is expected to carry on until the MACD histogram should form a Rounding Bottom.
The KLCI is consolidating with positive technical outlook, as the KLCI uptrend is unaffected, with the 14, 21, 31 EMA still supporting the KLCI. Nevertheless, whether or not the KLCI could resume its uptrend rally, we shall later decide with a clearer Bollinger Bands signal.

综合指数 2010年 09月 30日

如图所示,布林频带(Bollinger Bands)收窄5%,这显示综指目前正处于横摆巩固,直到布林频带重新打开为止。这也意味着综指正在酝酿着一个新的趋势,综指的新趋势将取决于综指处于布林中频带(Bollinger Middle Band)的相应位置。


如图中箭头C所示,平均乖离的振荡指标(MACD Histogram)虽然已处于零轴以下,不过振荡指标下滑的速度有减低的迹象,所以接下来若振荡指标形成一个圆底(Rounding Bottom)的话,综指的短期走势将有望开始上扬。

OK OK Stop twisting my arm
ZL looking for a technical rebound when FBMKLCI is within
1436 >>> 1440 zone

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