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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FKLI >>> Clement is a happy newbie

Re: Hi
Monday, May 31, 2010 11:26 AM
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dear sifu zl
Hi Clement,

Welcome to ZLBT >>> my reply in RED as per below :

i am stocks turned newbie fkli trader and been following your blog for a few weeks. chosse to remain reader only because i am not clever in charting or have the xperience to share wit anyone.
i foollowed sifu homing pigeon topic with 1255 long and omg i never won so much with one trade before almost expiry only sell 1284 and win 29 points. so scared until my hands were trembling.thank you so much sifu zl

hahaha Win until hands trembling??? :D If lose then how? Legs shaking like Elvis? hahahaha
BTW ZL like the above word "FOOLLOWED" >>> if that is not an erroneously spelt word can I take that to mean "followed like a fool?" :P Joking only lah bradder ....

btw i also followed again when sifu again with ajune 1285 long the moment i read in chat sifu long again. may i ask what is the target for this entry? thankyou

It depends if your entry is holding position or intraday trade with consideration the FKLI rebounded from 1240 level and even at 1290 (kalau sampai) it would had already risen 50 points which in any case, a strong REBOUND.

Basically ZL's advice is to use a TS or "Trailing Stop" to protect any existing paper gains or limit losses technically. It is very dangerous & risky to trade futures without applying TS which can end up with big losses.

In Clement's case, a TS 1280 or a 5 points cutloss limit should be OK. You can deduct that 5 from the 29 you pocketted hehehe.... should the FKLI continue rising (hopefully it does) then a 3 point TS off high is conservative.
This way Clement can profit OFF HIGH and continue riding the upside if TS not triggered. Why refuse if FKLI insist on giving?
My 1300 target number is just a suggestion. You can ignore that or choose 1295 profit take if you think 10 points for 24 hours entry is good enough. There is no rules that says all ZLBT visitors must "FOOLLOWED" zl. There never was and never will be >>> Where COMFY ok?

EXAMPLE : entry 1285 now 1288 last close >>> when and if FKLI June hits 1290 then call broker and order a 1288 trailing stop (TS) to protect your 3 pts paper gains. This is to safeguard your position from any sudden pullback which can happen any minute without warning. TS 2, 3 or 5 points as you wish or COMFY :P

Worst case scenario >>> You at least get brokerage and something for "workmanship" aka GAJI :P

ZLBT links below for your perusal / reference >>>


HAPPY TRADING & Goodluck 2ur 1285 LONG

your faithful follower

Sincerely yours,
ZL zhugel@ymail.com
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