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Monday, February 8, 2010

Ready To Go LONG FKLI?

FKLI contracts fell but at reduced discount
All the KLCI Futures contracts ended lower Monday but closed at narrower discounts ranging from 2.2 to 8.2 points.

The February contract fell 10.5 points to 1,233.0 points, trimming its discount to 2.22 points to the underlying from 4.40 points last Friday. The contract opened 3.5 points higher at 1,247.0 points and traded between 1232.0 and 1,251.0 points during the day.

The March contract lost exactly 10.0 points to 1,230.0 points, which is a discount of 5.22 points to the cash market against a discount of 7.90 points last Friday. It opened 4.5 points higher at 1,244.5 points and traded between 1228.0 and 1,248.0 points during the day.

The June and September contract closed at 1,227.0 points after dropping 11.0 and 8.5 points respectively, representing a discount of 8.22 points to the underlying.

ZL Setting Up Bear Traps
Whoa! these grizzlies are really fierce and on a rampage. However, ZL is planning to LONG FKLI when either the underlying Cash index hits 1230 or the FKLI touches an 8 points DISCOUNT level.

Albeit FBM KLCI 1230 or FKLI 8 pts discount target can be made a non-issue if DJIA tank another 200 points tonite. If that happens then some restrategising is called for >>> Other wise ZL will carry out as planned.

Preferably FKLI at minus 8 discount than FBM KLCI 1230 >>> let's see how it opens tomorrow 8.45am
More updates will posted in this article if & when LONG positions executed.


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