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Thursday, February 18, 2010

FBM KLCI Futures >>> FKLI Market Overview

FKLI All Months Discounts Widening Versus Underlying Cash

All FBM KLCI Futures contracts ended lower Thursday and closed at widened discounts ranging from 4.5 to 20.5 points to the underlying.

The February contract lost 3.5 points to 1,254.5 points, expanding its discount of 1.57 points to the underlying Wednesday to 4.50 points. The contract opened 1.0 point weaker at 1,257.0 points and traded between 1,251.0 and 1,258.0 points during the day.

The March contract closed 7.0 points lower at 1,248.5 points, representing a discount of 10.50 points to the cash market against a discount of 5.57 points a day earlier. It opened 1.0 point lower at 1,254.0 points and traded between 1,248.0 and 1,255.0 during the day.

The June contract fell 7.5 points to 1,244.0 points, which is a discount of 15.00 points to the underlying, while the September contract closed 7.0 points weaker at 1,238.5 points, representing a discount of 20.50 points to the underlying.

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