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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Technical Analysis : 综合指数 2011年 11月 04日 FBMKLCI 04/11/2011

综合指数 2011年 11 04





FBM KLCI 04 Nov 2011
The arrow shown in Figure A, the FBMKLCI will be depending on the EMA 14, 21, 31days (exponential moving average) to obtain support after the rebound on Friday, the KLCI closed on Friday @ 1477.51 points; on a daily basis rose 15.14 points, or 1.04%. The EMA of the KLCI would follow the dynamics of an important support trio of lines, hovering above the EMA, the KLCI rose to claim a stronger opportunity to continue higher.

On the other hand, the KLCI is still at the Bollinger band, so the composite index from October 5 to the rise in the signal remains intact until the KLCI fell below the Bollinger band thus far.
The arrow shown in Figure B, trading volume rose 19% of total turnover, far above 40-day volume moving average line (VMA), which show stock market horse trading will be active, to undertake a corresponding increase in strength. Usually the strengthening of the volume should continued to be favorable to the upside of the index.
The arrow shown in Figure C, a random index (Stochastic) maintained at 70% or more, so the short-term upward trend in the KLCI signal remains unchanged, until the Stochastic should fell below 70%.

Overall, the KLCI ended lower for the week, although the anchor found the supporting lines for a closing week rebound, indicating the formation of the higher highs of the KLCI to continue this upward trend is typical of the present state of affairs. In any case, the KLCI is still above the 200-day moving average line, so a stronger long-term trend remains intact to enhance the further evolution of the index.


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