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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Technical Analysis : 富时大马综合指数 2012-11-06 / FBM KLCI 2012-11-06

富时大马综合指数 2012-11-06
如图中箭头B所示,马股总成交量增加了 12.73 %,同时继续保持在40天的成交量平均线(VMA)以上。简单来说,市场交投仍然维持在活跃的水平。另一方面,市场总交易值在周二增加了14.48%,达16亿6000万令吉。这表示活跃交易的并非只是低价股,而仍然有许多蓝筹股项大量易手。这也暗示着市场的卖压还是偏高的。但无论如何,在午盘时,有投资者趁低买入一些蓝筹股项,特别是云顶,这也使得综指收服部分的失地。
FBM KLCI 2012-11-06
As indicated by A, after breaking below the 14, 21, 31 EMA dynamic support, the KLCI had its intra-day low touching 1638.18 points on Tuesday, before recovering some of its early losses in the afternoon session. However, as the close, the KLCI is still below 1650 at 1645.63 points, losing 8.41 points or 0.51%.
As indicated by B, total market volume increased 12.73%, while still above the 40-day Volume Moving Average. This shows that the market participation is still active.
Meanwhile, market turnover increased 14.48%, with 1.66 billion ringgit. This suggests that not only low-priced stocks are actively traded, some of the blue chips were also heavily traded. Although some bargain buying was seen in the afternoon session, particularly in Genting, which helped the KLCI recovered some of its losses, overall market selling pressure is still relatively higher.
As indicated by C, the Stochastic is still below 30%, which is the short-term bearish territory. This suggests that the short-term movement of the KLCI is still weak.
In conclusion, although the KLCI has broken below the 14, 21, 31 EMA dynamic support, and interrupting its earlier uptrend, it has not yet shown any downtrend formation. Next support for the KLCI is at 1625 while the resistance remains at 1680.

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