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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Technical Analysis : FBMKLCI 25/09/2012 / 富时大马综合指数 2012-09-25

FBM KLCI 25 Sept 2012
On Tuesday, the KLCI opened at 1611.82 points, 0.56 points lower than yesterday's closing. Soon after opening, the KLCI slipped 9.29 points to its daily low of 1603.09 point, but as the KLCI is nearing its 1600 support level, the KLCI started to rebound, lifted by heavy weighted bluechips. At the close, the KLCI ended at 1618.58 points, gaining 6.2 points or 0.38%. Resistance for the KLCI remains at 1625 as well as the 14, 21, 31 EMA dynamic resistance, while the support is still at 1600, as indicated by A.
As indicated by B, total market volume increased 19.61%, but volume is still below the 40-day Volume Moving Average. This suggests that the market is still relatively quiet, also implying that investors are still not feeling confident about the market.
As indicated by C, the Stochastic rebounded at 30%, thus avoided entering the short-term bearish territory. For now, the Stochastic is showing a short-term neutral signal.
In conclusion, the KLCI tested the 1600 level again, and fortunately it rebounded from the 1600 level, thus avoiding forming a downtrend once again. However, since the KLCI is currently below the 14, 21, 31 EMA dynamic resistance, the immediate technical outlook is turning cautious.
富时大马综合指数 2012-09-25
综指周二以1611.82 点开市,比昨天的收市低了0.56点。综指开市后因一度下滑 9.29 点,至1603.09点的全日最低,惟在接近1600点整数心理支持水平时获得扶持而回弹,甚至把扭转局势,使得综指以1618.58点挂收,按日上扬6.20点或0.38%。综指目前的阻力依然是1625点及142131EMA的动态阻力线。支持水平则仍然是1600点的关口。(参考图中箭头A
如图中箭头C所示,随机指标(Stochastic)在30%的水平反弹,因此避开了陷入短期弱势的格局。目前的随机指标显示着短期中立的讯号,直到随机指标上扬突破70% 或 下跌跌破30%水平为止。

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