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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Peek Into The Week Ahead >>> On A Canter

Wall Street Week Ahead :
Key Jobs Report, Earnings & Data
“The big news the last couple of weeks is the program they launched over in Europe, the lending facility to the banking system, seems to be working. The market seems unrattled.”

“This earnings season hasn’t been nearly as robust as the last couple; there’s a bias toward companies beating versus missing, which is reflecting a slow-growing economy.”

“We’ve had such a good run, one of the strongest we’ve had in a long time from the start of the year, so we’re overdue.”

“There are a lot of bullish surveys, which is usually a clear sign that things are going to correct.” 

“The program they launched over in Europe, the lending facility to the banking system, seems to be working, with yields on Spain and Italy’s sovereign debt making substantial moves in the right direction.” 

“We all know it’s just a matter of getting everyone lined up in terms of getting private investors to take a haircut, and here domestically, things have been headed in the right direction.” 

On negotiations of the Greece debt fiasco ..... "Important understandings were reached on legal and technical issues."

BSKL To Maintain Strong Risk Appetite 
Market expected to trend higher next week along with other regional markets
"We view the dovish statement from the US Federal Reserve (that interest rates would remain exceptionally low until at least late 2014) was a positive surprise for investors."

 "Trading volume at the local bourse over the week was fairly heavy considering it being a holiday-shortened week, with many investors expected to return on Monday, the market is expected to be buoyant."

"The water dragon may rear it's head next week."

"We expect the Europeans to open the possibility of huge asset purchases to boost the global economy. Going forward, we believe the local equity market will maintain strong risk appetite, with commodities and emerging market currencies seeing strong demand."

"The local market would continue to be influenced by external events significantly despite local fundamentals remaining strong and speculative play ahead of the 13th general election." 


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